The Evolution of Consciousness

“In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends upon the evolution of consciousness” – Carl Jung.

You are reading this on an electronic device that is being powered by resources of the Earth. The Earth which spins at 700 miles per hour, on a 22-degree axis which rotates in such away to bring us our four seasons. An Earth that orbits a sun at 67,000 miles per hour. Our planet is placed in precisely the correct distance to harbour life, in a solar system which is moving around the centre of the galaxy at 514,000 miles per hour, spinning around the centre of our milky way galaxy – our galaxy one of at least two trillion, which in itself contains at least 200 billion stars and a 100 billions planets.

Like many, I ponder this regularly…the vastness of it all, and the questions that drive us to be knowledge seekers.

The question I am bringing to the fore is one that has been contemplated since humans became emancipated from their primordial instincts and noticed, there is a lot more than just us. Whether it was when a human looked at the array of stars above, or when humans first witnessed the beauty of a spectacular sunrise. Or even whether they understood themselves to be a small part of a much bigger whole. There was an exact point where this moment took place for the humanity.

You perhaps glossed over some of the details that I included in the first paragraph. In this day and age of the modern technological era, many of us have perpetually sped up our consciousness. Our concentration spans shortened by being raised on constantly switching scenes of television and films, our minds constantly needing another information hit – whether it is idly checking what our friends are up to on Facebook or religiously checking the news/sports. We continually glance at the clock, rushed into oblivion. In my opinion, a lot of us have glossed over the main point of life.

The study of ourselves and the universe.

Who are we? How have we got here? What is our purpose here? What is reality? How can we be more in tune with what we have come in to? To whom/what do we owe our existence to? What is our journey? Is there an end goal?

In essence, looking for the truth. The many truths of the universe. Truth seeking can encompass many theoretical spheres: scientific, spiritual, metaphysical, political etc.  In my opinion, the greatest study includes the study of ourselves, ourselves being part of the universe. The study of the mind, our very being, consciousness, physics, the underlying connections between them.

Religions and spiritual doctrines have overtly contested that they have understood the spiritual laws of the universe. Many have drawn their conclusions. Atheists, scientists, physicists, theologians, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Muslims, prophets, saints, sages, spiritualists, agnostics, humanists, pantheists have all determined the truth.

The question is which of these is correct? Or at least – which is the closest to the truth? I have always thought that the answer is at least one. Whether it’s the theologian, the atheist, the physicist or pantheist. Human civilisation through all of its intellectuality, I believe has found the truth (or is along the right lines of the truth). But first, to accept the truth – one must look into them all and not condemn any until proper research and reasoning and has been conducted.

Primarily, it is the search for truth that brings me here. We must study the universe and ourselves, we must attempt to look at it critically to answer the significant questions posed earlier. As intellectual conscious beings. We have awareness that we are aware, of questioning and investigating the fundamentals of reality.

Thus, I have begun this blog. Over the past seven or so years, I have become increasingly interested in different areas of knowledge, more so: politics, spirituality, science, esoteric knowledge, metaphysics and philosophy. I aim to write some of my musings and teachings I have found to be very profound.

More so, it will be about perhaps the greater knowledge that creates a conscious shift. The political journey can take you only so far, but the spiritual journey can take you a lot further – the latter the one I’ve decided to pursue more. The study of our very self – the mind, the ego, the psychology, the behaviour, biology and our consciousness. Not just simply looking at it from a reductionist point of view, but to find the interconnectivity of it all. In short, the pivotal notion that has fuelled this is the aim for the evolution of my consciousness. From the very first cells of life on the earth to the creation of self-conscious, critical thinking beings. There has been an evolution. Many mutations have not worked out, but life has evolved through some subconscious and conscious mechanisms in order for its survival. Second by second, we too are continuing the evolution.

The physical organism tends to learn from its surroundings, it adapts for its survival. It yearns to thrive. We have survival instincts and learn further how to survive through experience. What to do and not to do. In the physical manner, we may understand not to touch the fire as it can burn us. But have we learnt mentally, what to do and what not to do?  Although many of us have evolved in our physicality and we have learnt new facts about the world and each other. Have we actually evolved our minds? Our thinking? Our emotional intelligence? Our very being? I believe that there is a more enlightened way of living. The aim is for the transformation, to evolve higher to find more truth and purpose.

This personal/spiritual emancipation can be related to alchemy. Alchemy is a philosophical and scientific tradition which originates thousands of years ago and was practised throughout Europe, Egypt and Asia. Alchemists would experiment with different substances to create new elements. The ultimate goal was the alteration of base metals to create gold and silver through transmutation, however this could be done through another alchemical substance, which was referred to as the philosopher’s stone. The philosopher’s stone, was the missing link to create this transformation. It was also believed to hold the elixir of life within it, the ability for immortality.

The transmutation of the metals can be viewed as being an important philosophical analogy. Although great leaps in chemistry made through experimenting with substances, the stories of alchemists being able to turn metals into gold can be categorised as legends or myths.

The underlying meaning of alchemy was to transmute the base levels of human consciousness to become enlightened and aware of the higher realities. Although you do not have to subscribe to any particular path or religion. For us to progress psychologically, spiritually, emotionally and scientifically to create a more pro-social and empathetic manner of thinking towards ourselves, other humans, animals and nature is the higher purpose in our existence – even if it means just taking a few steps.

“By altering your own consciousness, you alter your relation to the universe, and this changes your world. Alchemy is an accelerated pathway to self-mastery, to self-realization. It is an alternative, pre-scientific spiritual and philosophical interpretation of life, encompassing its physical, emotional and mental aspects” – Iona Miller.








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