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So….it begins! After much distraction and general procrastinating. The blog starts off with the lyrics to my piece entitled “Shatter the Illusion”.

To get a better idea of what I’m talking about  (apologies for the brummy accent and way I speak in advance), I believe seeing it in the written form adds another dimension to it, also more clarity. I wrote it for an arts event in London called Saffron Mic which had the theme of “shatter the illusion”. The night also focused on the 30 year anniversary of the Punjab/Delhi 1984 attacks. Although I do loosely mention the scenes of Amritsar 1984 in the lyrics, I also believe it is a scene that has been replicated many times by repressive governments committing politicide such as the events in Chile, 1974.

I also generalise ‘illusions’ to others that we face in daily life which are mentioned at the beginning of the video in my little pre-amble such as the media/political/mental/physical illusions we may face. Illusion (in the eastern mystical/theological scriptures) can be translated to the word “maya”. Which is mentioned hundreds of times in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – to sum up, Sikhs/Buddhism/Hinduism view much of the world we see as illusory. Our goal is to pierce through the illusion to find the truth…such as soul consciousness, the reality of suffering, the reality of being and ultimately seeing the illusion and instead being in alignment with the reality of the universe.

The spoken word piece discusses topics such as addiction, mindfulness, self-realisation, apathetic individualism, politicide, divine interconnectedness and quantum physics 

Shatter the Illusion lyrics:

I see people struggling for breath, fumbling and stalling,
could someone open a window? The stench is apalling,
I remind myself of why I’m here,
memories recall an addiction,
the self becoming a slave to the infliction,
Ah yes, a feeble self –  that knows no true wealth,
which charges towards momentary pleasure,
never thinking about the true inner treasure.

I contemplate, why can’t he rise above it?
but you see, I was once there too,
self-control was a distant wish,
something others could do.

As I glance around this departure lounge of life – I hear the monotonous beeps,
children of men’s eyes glazed, whilst their insides weep,
I see weaving intravenous tubes, hear systematic drips,
whispers provide last words, on departing fading lips.

Maybe I can get through to him,
try to teach some control of the mind,
to reinstall faith in Being,
and that true happiness doesn’t come from out there,
it comes from inside,
to help reach a bliss that no drug can find!
I imagine –  an eternal peace,
to which no person or life event could surely cease,
But our thoughts can take over and the brain is crowded,
sometimes we can’t change the situation,
but you can change the way you think about it.

The resistance can seem futile,
all this while we’ve been living in denial,
our soul caged – locked by the ego and the mind,
we can emancipate ourselves, to not be ignorant and mentally confined,
our heads can be a spiritual playground,
not a prison for thoughts of a venomous kind,
We can enlarge our circle of compassion, so it’s not just a few
but include all of humanity and animals too.

To shatter the illusion, and the nefarious lies,
transcend towards a place, a place beyond the eyes,
it’s like the essence that flows from a luminescent sunrise.

But – if you try to find your ‘self’, by using the mind,
it will surely be the blind leading the blind,
the turning point is when you detach and observe the thoughts,
accept the reality,
let go of trivialisation,
constant condemnation
and ‘ oh if I had just did this or that’ – type of situation!
in that – you will shatter the illusion of your perceived creation,
begin self-unfoldment by disciplines of self-realisation
Or will you remain a victim of live events? Or will you take control and find a deeper role,
but sometimes a person  will do anything not to face their own soul.

Whilst we have the power to break free,
most would rather sleep,
too comfortable in their lives while the other half of the world weeps,
So shake the chains that in that have fallen on you,
emember we are the many – and they are the few!

I feel for the lives lost, like I’ve witnessed the atrocity,
when you find the deeper truth,
it’s hard to downplay animosity,
They’ve made the average person not relate to other nations of humans.
Are we in control of our perception? Or have we all becomes Trumans?
A subjugating strategy to confuse their views with the news,
do your own research, to stay far from obtuse.
they can – make the lie big enough and simply repeat it,
and sooner or later the mass populous will believe it.
the government and media push the same story, irrespective of evidence,
like Malcolm said –  they’ve made the innocent look guilty and the guilty innocent.

Now I’m not saying everything they say is all lies,
on the contrary, it’s up to use to critically analyse,
look at vested interests, ultra elites and scrutinise,
whilst some overplay the hidden role of the powers that be,
it’s been underestimated throughout the context of “his-story”

Based on political lies, millions of civilians killed,
the thieves laughed – whilst innocent blood was being spilt,
light and dark remain diametrically opposed,
the harrowing, diabolic path was the one that they chose,
desensitised souls flowing out of control,
the place was like a black hole, not even light could escape – as the tanks rolled,
innocents tried being bold – but were massacred cold,
they tripped and slipped in pools of blood – as the orders were told,
“the defenders were terrorists” – so the story was sold,
propagandizing malleable minds to the governments mould.

It’s your role to slice through the illusion,
move to a higher perception – just to find a conclusion
use intuitive, metaphysical responsiveness,
understand this is all simply about the evolution of consciousness.

The reality is that we’re collectively connected,
still the mind, feel the vibes, so you see from my perspective,
yet we try to look over and be defiant,
and dismiss studies that go against traditional science.
Quantum theorists describing other dimensions of reality,
if there’s a physical there’s surely non-physicality ,
our perception is limited to a minimal level,
higher realities unknown to man,
still obsessed with the devil.

Research entanglement, 2 connected particles communicating over huge distances,
revealing hidden dimensions – that defy materialistic conventions,
physicists now discussing the idea of a multiverse,
but didn’t Guru Nanak describe it earlier in a Japji Sahib Verse??
Remember who you really are,
shatter the illusion,
go beyond the order that’s been created from confusion,
they’ve worked hard to disconnect us from divine creation,
burning libraries of ancient and present civilisations,
– but now it’s up to us – to return to oneness –  or live in separation.

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